The Keys to a Profitable, Low Stress Chiropractic Office

Dear Fellow Chiropractor:

Many chiropractors are in search of a better way to run a profitable chiropractic business.   It’s a critical moment in the history of chiropractic.  Plummeting health insurance reimbursements and changing market behavior have necessitated major re-strategizing.

Patient visits and income are down from ten years ago.   Many chiropractors are forced to resort to new sources of revenue– spinal decompression, DME, laser, weight loss, body contouring and so on.  Those who were slow to adapt found themselves in stressful, high overhead situations that their current patient visit volume could not support, and went out of business.

These days, a re-tooled chiropractic business plan that  takes into account these changes is necessary for success.

The Good Old Days of Chiropractic

During the 1980s and 1990s, the chiropractic industry thrived:

  • The chiropractic concept of “bone on nerve” was still fresh
  • The cost of a chiropractic education was only about $30-50,000 and easy to pay back
  • There were more insurance companies to choose from that offered chiropractic coverage
  • Insurance companies were hugely profitable and weren’t in the cost-cutting mode
  • Workers Comp started to cover chiropractic with generous coverage and limits
  • The internet was in its infancy stages

It’s a Different World Now…

Today, it is an entirely new ball game.  New challenges have emerged, which warrant a new approach to running a chiropractic business.

  • People are less responsive to the “bone on nerve” concept:  it has lost much of its novelty.
  • The cost of a chiropractic education is now around $80-100,000.  Loan payments are suffocating and stifling newly licensed chiropractors
  • Large health insurers merged, resulting in less competition, higher premiums and lower coverages
  • Reimbursement for chiropractic services have shrunk, thanks to managed care
  • We are living in the Attention Deficit Age.  Electronic mass media is diluting the effects of marketing.
  • The down economy, high unemployment rate and depressed home values are occupying peoples’ minds, and they (your potential patients) are more careful on where they spend their money.

 Chiropractic Can Still Be a Rewarding Career For You

  • There are always going to be sick people, more than ever before due to unprecedented stress.  People are working harder and longer these days in order to maintain their standard of living; often at the expense of their health.
  • There are always going to be people with neck pain, back pain and sports injuries
  • People are more informed about the dangers of prescription drugs and are likely to seek alternative care
  • Medical care is limited when it comes to treating musculoskeletal pain.

So, the good news is that there will still be a demand for chiropractic; however, the ability to deliver chiropractic services in a profitable business setting is what has significantly changed.

The Key to Chiropractic Success Nowadays

…is to operate lean and efficient, with no room for waste in any form.  A smaller, low-overhead and low stress business model emphasizing personalized service is the ideal solution to today’s business environment.  The focus should be to find ways to shave off all the excessive costs that go into delivering a chiropractic office visit, keep fees relatively low, and providing more personalized care that will result in a lot of referrals.

The reward will be lower stress, more job satisfaction, and more personal time to yourself.  You’ll be able to actually live the life of a health care practitioner, doing the things that you were trained to do, and love!

Introducing Chiropractic Business Plan:

How to Start a Low Overhead, High Profit Margin Chiropractic Business


This manual represents the culmination of  business lessons learned over the years amidst the biggest changes in the chiropractic industry, up to the present day.

If you are a chiropractor looking to change your business model, or are someone contemplating a chiropractic career, this manual will help you navigate your way to success.   It is chock-full of cost-cutting measures and clever strategies that will enable you to do the jobs of three people, with barely extra effort and in less time!

Instead of  being saddled with a high-stress practice burning 70% overhead expense, this manual will show you how to maintain a razor-thin 10% overhead working less hours and keep nearly 90 cents of every dollar you make, all without sacrificing your income level.

No More Gut-Wrenching Days Worrying About Your Overhead

Would you like to cover your entire month’s overhead on your first workday each month?  It can be done, and I’ll show you how.   Imagine how you’ll feel on day two and the rest of the month knowing that all the money you make from that point on will be going straight to your wallet or bank account.  You’ll be able to take those fishing and hunting trips, family vacations and other fun stuff you’ve been dreaming about for years, without feeling guilty!

You Will Discover:

The change in thinking required in this new era we face

The one question you should ask yourself before committing to a particular business plan

The process behind the low overhead business model and how to make it work

Where to look for available office space, and what to look for

The business-savvy way to start your practice within another chiropractor’s established practice

A short but extremely essential task to do before sharing space with another chiropractor

A checklist of important things to get and do before opening your doors for business

The eleven powerful technology tools that will enable you accomplish more by yourself

The one, free marketing strategy you MUST hit hard from day one, and continue as long as you’re in business.

The seven procedures necessary to make the low overhead business model work

Clever ways to get your patients to cooperate with your system, saving you hours of time

The ten, low-to-no cost patient attraction systems to set up and get you going

…and a lot more.

Stop the Bleeding and Get “Back in Black” in a Matter of a Few Weeks…

 For only a small investment of $29, you’ll be armed with knowledge that can save you and make you thousands of dollars in your chiropractic business.   You won’t find this level of actionable, practical, detailed information on starting a chiropractic business anywhere else.  Most other business plans you’ll find online contain information that is great for an MBA textbook, but not very helpful as they are too generic and “templated.”

This is a 44-page, instantly downloadable manual in MS Word format.  It includes recommended resources (many free ones) that form the core of the low overhead business model.  It even includes a sample floor plan of my 500sq. foot office that costs less than $800 per month and can accommodate 40+ patient visits a day.

Put an end to the madness once and for all.   Break free from your chains and start working smarter, not harder.  You’ll be amazed at how liberated you will feel, and re-energized.

To order, simply click the  PayPal button below (you will see a charge from WEBVENTURES, INC., my publishing company).  After successful payment, you will see a Download link on the PayPal confirmation page.   Click that, and you will then be taken to the secret download page where you can access the manual.

Only $29

To Your Chiropractic Success,

Dr. Dan


P.S.  The time to act is now.  Imagine what $5,000+ saved per month would be 10 or 20 years from now!  But this money can’t make it to your retirement account if it’s going to waste.

Chiropractic Business Plan is a detailed manual on how to start a low overhead, low stress, high profit margin chiropractic office.   It can be useful for established and new chiropractors alike; even chiropractic students who have yet to decide on their business model.

The excitement and anticipation of becoming a chiropractor, while positive and good can also be a distraction to the focused planning and execution that a chiropractic business demands.  This manual will “bring you back to center” and help you  navigate the dangerous obstacles that can very easily sabotage your career before it starts.